dilluns, de gener 24, 2011


Be careful of the wash net.

Put the tool rest closer to the stone.
Put the work piece into the die mould only using the forceps. Dangerous!
Don’t carry the bottles without corks.
I was drunk at work.
Don’t walk on fish.
Containers with chemicals should have accurate inscriptions.
Don’t try with your finger if there is electricity.
Look out for buffers.
Don’t begin a new kind of work without being instructed.
Be careful with forks.
A fan is a friend of labor. Let it work forever.
Watch your step!
Foreman! Have you done your best for work safety?
Throwing off the fender, hold the clamp.
Don’t work with an untied hose.
Don’t leave anything without bracing.
Use a fork when giving the sludge.
Look out for splashes! They can burn you.
Look where you’re going.
Don’t throw the strops inside the hold without warning.
Don’t open the lid of the picker before the engine stops.
Enclose the end of the arbor.
Hide the hair.
Don’t use water when extinguishing the engine. Water is an electricity conductor.
Hey, scatterbrain, don’t cripple your friends!
Don’t walk under the transmission arbor
Don’t clutter your working place.
Don’t use your leg for taking off the belting.
Don’t clean the cylinder while it’s in motion.
Threw rags about? Get a hit on the face.
Be careful extending the wires.
Be able to free the injured from electricity.
Be careful with a spud.
Lay the bricks in the right way.
Tie yourself working on steep roofs.
Be careful with a shovel.
Watch your step!
Don’t put the belt on while moving.
Give a signal and hide yourself in a safe place before the blast.
Clinch the nails.

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